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The Library of SPIPA is centrally located in the institute building spread over approximately 5165.41 sqft space. The library is developing a comprehensive collection of print, digital and media resources on public administration, rural development, local self government, disaster management, humanities and social sciences to fulfill the teaching, learning training and administrative needs of the institute. Library has a collection of about 50,980 books, 80,000 government publications and text books, 109 print journals and magazines and 17 newspapers. In addition to print and digital resources library also subscribes to electronic database of 30 Lacks E-books of world E-book Library & 600+ E-Journals of Project Muse. Library also provides internet facility for its users for web browsing and accessing e-resources subscribed by the library. The library database is managed through SOUL 2.0 software. Keeping note of the priority of the study centre & CGRS students a separate section and collection has been created for them.


The SPIPA Library envisions that it will update its collection and provide services consistent with its parent institute's mission of conducting

  • Pre-service and in-service training courses for government employees
  • Foundational courses for IAS and GAS (Gujarat Administrative Services) probationers
  • Courses to promote attitudinal change in government employees by conducting executive development and other government specialized Management Development Programmes
  • Carry research projects on administrative and development issues
  • Provide coaching to UPSC and central recruitment aspirants


Our library aims to be a unique and leading library in the region to contribute to the intellectual and administrative activities of the institute and provide up-to-date knowledge on subjects relevant to the institute's activities. In fulfilling its vision, the library will continue to acquire and maintain all kinds of modern technological resources and adequate information resources, which are well suited to the future needs of the institute.


Who can be the member ?

  • All gazzetted officers of central and state government
  • Current students of UPSC & CGRS and staff of SPIPA
  • Membership Form
    • Click here to view : Gujarati Form Download File
      Library Membership form in Gujarati
    • Click here to view : English Form Download File
      Library Membership form in English

Membership Fees :

  • Rs. 500 (for 2 years) for General Members
  • Rs. 2200 (Yearly Deposit) for IAS Study Centre students
  • Rs. 2000 for CGR Study Centre students

Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 9:30 pm
Closed on 2nd and 4th Saturday and on public holidays
Issue and return of books can be made between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm

Sr. No. Details Total Number
1 Total number of books 50,980
2 Govt. publications, text books and others 80,000
3 Print Journals and magazines subscribed 109
4 Newspapers (English, Hindi & Gujarati) 17
5 E-books of world E-book Library 30,00000
6 E-Journals of Project Muse 600+
7 CD 66
8 Audio cassettes 60
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Magazines subscribed for the year 2015-16 Download Download File
[English | 329 kb]
Sr. No. Name of Newspaper Language
1 Business Statndard English
2 DNA English
3 Economics Times English
4 Hindu English
5 Hindustan Times English
6 Indian Express English
7 Mirror English
8 Statesman English
9 Telegraph English
10 Times of India English
11 Times of India(Mumbai) English
12 Business Line English
13 Divya Bhaskar Gujarati
14 Gujarat Samachar Gujarati
15 Sandesh Gujarati
16 Hindustan Hindi
17 Navbharat Times Hindi
  • Reading facility
  • Lending of government publications to pre-service and in-service trainees of Gujarat government and foundational courses for IAS and GAS probationers
  • Lending of books/text books to library members
  • Display of new arrivals list
  • Reprographic services – Open only for library members @ Rs 1.00/page
  • Inter-library loan
  • Access to web resources through internet
  • • Access to electronic database (username and password may be obtained from the librarian)
  • Publication and distribution of newsletters 'Gyandeep' and 'Nirnay'

Library Rules & Regulations

  1. Library membership can be obtained upon filling up the membership form and depositing the requisite membership fees.
  2. Reference books, periodicals and magazines are for reference within library premises only. Such material will not be issued to any members.
  3. New books procured by the library shall be made available for issue only after they have been processed by the library.
  4. All books borrowed from the library must be returned within the period as stipulated by the library. The library authorities may however recall any book before due date.
  5. Library will generally send reminders for overdue books from time to time by email, letter to the members, or display the names of defaulters on the notice boards. However, non-receipt of such reminders shall not be accepted as valid reason for delay in return of books.
  6. Failure to return books in time will attract overdue charges (fine) as stipulated by the library. Borrowing privileges of the members having books overdue for more than 30 days shall be suspended until return of books or payment as decided by the library authorities.
  7. If the books are not returned within 60 days of issue, market price of the book will be charged from the borrower.
  8. Books can be renewed up to twice unless it is needed by another member of the library.
  9. Any member can issue books from Study Centre collection; however, priority shall be given to study centre students' needs.
  10. In case of loss of books borrowed from the library, the borrower will have to either replace the book or pay the price of the book as decided by the Director General of the institute.
  11. Members are required to keep the borrowed books in good physical condition and not to mark or damage the books. Members should carefully check the books for any deficiency before borrowing and report the same to the staff on duty. Members are liable to compensate the library for causing damage to the books, in the same way as lost books.
  12. Ruling officers should clearly mention their official and personal address, telephone No. and email ID in the registration form and they should inform the library 15 days before their transfer or retirement.
  13. Members should immediately inform to the library any change in their official or residential address, telephone or email ID.
  14. During foundation course training/examination or for examination for a promotion, govt. publications shall not be included in general privileges.
  • Journal "NIRNAY" published biannually consists of articles from academicians, practitioners and other experts in their fields on a specific theme selected for each issue
    Subscription rate : Rs 100/- (Yearly)
  • Newsletter "GYANDEEP" published bimonthly
  • Members of Editorial Board
1Shri V.R.S. Cowlagi, IAS (Retd)Former Vigilance Commissioner,
Gujarat State
2Shri Vipul Mittra IASI/C Principal Secretary ARTD,
Director General, SPIPA, Ahmedabad
3Shri Sanjay Prasad, IASPrincipal Secretary to Govt.,
Labour & Employment Department,
Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
4Smt. Anita Karwal, IASChief Electoral Officer, GAD,
5Smt D. Thara, IASMunicipal Commissioner
6Smt. Mamta Varma, IASIndustries Commissioner,
7Shri Manish Bhardwaj, IASSecretary to Government,
Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department,
Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar
8Prof. Biju VerkeyIndian Institute of Management,

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